Advisory Board

The Sports Innovation Network Advisory Board has been carefully set up to bring together a series of leaders, senior executives and researchers into sports business, marketing, science, medicine, coaching and performance. These will range from elite sport administrators, to performance consultants and chief innovators in wearable technology, analytics and virtual reality.

Sports Innovation Networks current board members are:

Kevin Naylor, Vice President Technology, Indiana Pacers
Matt O’Neil, Dallas Cowboys, VP, Brand & Media
Bill Burgos MS, RSCC, Head Strength & Conditioning Coach of the Orlando Magic and President of The National Basketball Strength & Conditioning Association
Rod Nenner. VP Marketing. Washington Redskins.
Costa Kladianos. Director Innovation & Technology. Tennis Canada
James White, VP Strategy, Inter Milan
Betsy Girder, Managing Director Technology, NASCAR
Brian Killingsworth, Chief Marketing Officer, Tampa Bay Bucanneers
Michael Davies, Senior Vice President,Technical and Field Operations, FOX Sports
Mounir Zok- Director of Technology & Innovation, US Olympic Committee

If this is something you’d be keen to learn more about, please contact so we can set up a time to discuss the possibilities.