Beyond Sports

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Our Story is one of passion for sports built on science, technology, data and engagement. We are the first and only company to provide a suite of VR products based on real game data.

Beyond Sports represents the future of sports. A set of groundbreaking VR, AR and interactive products for teams, leagues, broadcasters and fans that utilize real match data to create competitive advantages and groundbreaking fan experiences.

VR Player Training and Analysis
Live VR Broadcasting
VR Studio Analysis
Virtual Cameraman
Immersive Fan Experiences


Fox Sports, Arsenal, KNVB, AZ Alkmaar, Specialized, PSV, Stoke City and more…

The future of sports will be built on real data, executed through the latest technology: resulting in revolutionary competitive advantages for teams and leagues coupled with a completely new way for fans to engage with their favorite sports content.

The future of sports will be shaped by a deep data driven understanding of individual talent and consumer desire.

Beyond Sports’ revolutionary sport enhancement tools will change the future of the industry: tools that will transform the consumption and monetization of sports content.
We envision the future of sports by combining technology and scientific research to enable all participants to have a deeper insight through immersive and interactive experiences. Ways get closer to their favorite teams and players through new interactive media, shaping an experience that puts them right into the action.

Being passionate about sports is what brought us here. Intuition shaped the idea. Science backed it. But being highly adoptive towards technological evolution is what makes our products successful. Beyond Sports will change the realm of sports as we know it. We can’t envision a future without Beyond Sports. This is the future of sport.

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