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'The Socialisation Approach’ – FC Barcelona

By Richard Cohen, Production Director, Sports Innovation Network 17/01/2017

A constant theme throughout the Football Innovation Summit is looking closely at how clubs use and apply technology to achieve greater on-field success. A leading figure in this conversation is Raul Pelaez, Director of Technology and Knowledge Management at FC Barcelona. Raul will be speaking on Day 1 of the Summit. Understand ...

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Rugby Concussions Increase by 59% – Bigger Hits or Greater Awareness?

By Luke, Co-Founder, Game Changer Sports 15/09/2015

As rugby takes priority on our TV screens for the next few weeks (thank you RWC2015) I thought it important to reference the fascinating programme earlier this week on BBC Panorama focussing on rugby concussion led by the brilliant John Beattie. The one statistic that has stuck with me since is the RFU figure that concussion ...

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“If we have children, there’s no chance they’re playing rugby…!"

By Luke, Co-Founder, Game Changer Sports 05/06/2017

The debate this week around the much publicised petition to ban tackling in schools rugby has been fascinating. There has been an overwhelming response from the rugby and non-rugby community largely declaring the notion as ridiculous. As a former player with huge passion for the game I am a vociferous member of the ‘Don’t Ban ...

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Athlete Biometric Data: The future of fan engagement content?

By Nick Longworth, Director, Sports Innovation Network 01/11/2017

This is a short commentary in advance of panel discussion on the same topic at the Sports Performance Data & Fan Engagement Summit in San Francisco on 30-31st January 2018. There has been a market surge in both provision of and demand for fitness applications and sport wearables (Apple Watch, Fitbit, and MI band), with biomet ...

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