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“We’re living in The Jetsons’ age and about to push past it”

By Matthew O’Neil, CEO of Ichi Go 10/08/2017

[World Virtual/Augmented Sports Innovation Summit] we caught up with [Advisory Board member] and Sports Brand & Marketing Guru [Matthew O’Neil.] ...

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Fan Experience: Immersive & Measurable

By Morgan Drake, CEO, Fanboard 08/08/2017

As part of the continual dialogue both in the lead up to the [World Virtual/Augmented Sports Innovation Summit] and thereafter we are speaking with some of the most influential and disruptive players in the sports and technology space. ...

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Sports Leads The Way For Immersive Technology

By Jack Wilson, Head of Technology & VR at Sports Innovation Network 31/07/2017

[Virtual / Augmented / Mixed Reality] has been on the tip of the tongue for tech evangelists for what seems an age, but it is only in the past 12-18 months that the blue touch paper has been dangled in front of the flame, and [Sport is leading the way.] Elite sport is the greatest and most natural [creator of content], the [p ...

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Press Release: World Virtual & Augmented Reality Sports Innovation Summit 2017

By Richard Cohen, Production Director, Sports Innovation Network 30/06/2017

2017 is shaping up to be the breakthrough year for [Immersive Technology] and [Spor]t. With an expected [market potential in excess of $100 Billion by 2020], the opportunities for growth are enormous. The [World Virtual & Augmented Reality Sports Innovation Summit 2017] takes place in [San Francisco] on [November 15-16] and bri ...

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