Senior Management Team

Our senior management team have over 20 years’ experience in designing and running world-class conferences and events, working across a variety of sectors including big data, oil and gas, automotive, finance and sport.

Luke James

A talented athlete from a young age, Luke played representative rugby, football and cricket before injury prevented further involvement.With a degree in History & Politics he worked in advertising devising marketing strategy for world leading brands before enjoying huge success organising C-suite, content-led events in the UK, USA and Asia in the Oil & Gas and Financial sectors. He has since returned to where his heart is, setting up and founding the Sports Innovation Network. He is constantly looking at new ideas and takes a leading role designing and overseeing all content, working closely with key personnel at some of the biggest teams within European and US Elite and Collegiate Sport.

Dermot Kelly

From a very early age, training and competing in combat sports brought about Dermot’s love of boxing. He then moved on to excel at martial arts, not only competing but also teaching young and old alike the values of courtesy, patience, respect, self control and integrity, operating under the World Jujitsu Federation (Ireland). After obtaining both his BSc and subsequent MSc, he went on to work in event management in the City of London. With extensive experience in C-Suite level business to business events across many different industries, Dermot also focused on the commercial success and operational delivery of events such as the London Olympics, London Marathon, Hyde Park festivals and Lord Mayor Show. Dermot has combined his expertise in events with his love of sport and has a key understanding of how to deliver tangible commercial success for both supporting partners and participants of projects hosted by the Sport Innovation Network.